Hopefully I haven't bored you just yet. Here's some a lot more about me!


     In the time I've spent at Northwestern, I not only cultivated several of my academic interests, but found new ones as well!
     I will be graduating with a combined BA/MS Degree as a Computer Science major, as well as a minor in Asian Languages & Cultures and completion of the Media Arts & Game Design Module offered by the School of Communication.

Technical Projects

     As a passionate programmer, I absolutely love sinking my time into different projects. As early as in High School, I independently developed a rudimentary iOS app called "ScriptHelper" meant to help actors with memorization.
     Ever since I was little, I've loved playing video games. Some of my earliest memories were of myself playing Plants vs Zombies, counting the number of peas it took to kill different zombies. My interest in what goes on behind the captivating games I play inspired me to learn about Game Design. I've since had many experiences with game development, individually and within groups, mostly in C#/Unity. Seeing games being built from scratch is magical and I would love to gain more opportunities in the field!
     As of now, I am exploring AI narrative by doing research under Dr. Ian Horswill. I will be expanding on Sam Hill's project "Voix de la Ville", a town simulator built on TED, a logic programming language embedded in C#. My goal and focus is implementing story sifting, which would further the project by refining the simulation and gaining narrative.
     In addition, I am also one of the starting members and lead Frontend designer of Campus Sleep Initiative, an app/service/student org dedicated to bettering student sleep health.
     Finally, the website you are currently on is a product of me playing around with JavaScript, HTML & CSS. It's been a blast working on it and I hope you are having as much fun reading as I did designing!

Bilibili Channel

     Being a huge Star Wars fan, I devoted a lot of my time in High School building a channel on Bilibili.
     In my (mostly) 2 years of activity, through regular video postings of my editing and subtitling, as well as the efforts made towards viewer engagement and community building, I managed to gain 5,000,000+ Views, 130,000+ Likes, and 9,000+ Comments! Quite impressive if I do say so myself.


     As a kid, I was introduced to the world of Ghibli, and I fell in love with the world of Anime almost immediately. Since then I've watched quite a lot, letting the wonderful stories entrance me and take me to brand new worlds.
     I am currently the President of NU Anime Club, organizing weekly club meetings and sharing my love for Anime feels great!
     If you're curious about my Anime tastes, feel free to check out my Anilist or MAL! Also check out my Anime recommendations page for my favorite Anime that I've seen throughout the years!

     My journey has only just begun, and I have nothing but the utmost excitement for whatever I do next!
     If you'd like to chat about anything, don't hesitate to contact me via Discord or Email!

Find me on LinkedIn, GitHub, Discord, Anilist, Last.fm, or Bilibili!